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Contact or visit the pharmacy of your choice to order your prescription.

At the time of your order you can request to have it mailed to you or have it delivered. Or, visit the pharmacy and pick it up.

Get your DoseRx Cash Club customer card

To get the prices shown each member of your household needs to join the DoseRx Cash Club.

To get the prices shown each member of your household Click the button below, download and print the customer card. Take it to your chosen local independent pharmacy, register it and pay an annual $0.99 membership fee for each household member. Every year on your anniversary date and at the time of purchase of a new or refill prescription you’ll be charged $0.99.

Your DoseRx membership is good at any member pharmacy in the United States.

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How DoseRx Helps

How DoseRx Helps

No Health Insurance

Not everyone can afford health insurance or insurance with prescription benefits, but everyone wants to be well.
DoseRx is the answer.

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no heath insurance

By joining the DoseRx Cash Club to buy your prescriptions, you’ll be physically and financially healthy.

High Co-Payments

To make their health insurance plans affordable, many insurers require the insured to pay more of the prescriptions out of pocket through higher copays. In fact, 18% of prescription drugs is paid out-of-pocket according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The CMS predicts out-of-pocket expenses will grow 6.3% annually through 2015%.

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High Co-Payments

Through the DoseRx Cash Club, you can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses since for many prescriptions our cash price is less than your insurance’s co-payment.

Medicare Donut Hole

Do I pay my bills or buy the prescription drugs I need to feel well?
This is the question many, if not most seniors, ask themselves on a daily basis This is especially true when they’re on Medicare and in the dreaded ‘donut hole.’
The DoseRx Cash Club helps Medicare recipients 3 ways.

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Medicare Donut Hole

1.At the beginning of each calendar year recipients stay out of the donut longer.

2. Once you enter the initial coverage, formany drugs the DoseRx Cash Club price is less than your deductible.

3. When you are in the donut hole, the DoseRx Cash Club lowers your out-of-pocket costs.

Pet Health

Our pets and animals are important members of any family. However, their health care costs can eat into your family’s budget.

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pet health

The DoseRx Cash Club and your independent pharmacist can help you reduce your pet health costs since many of your pets’ drugs have a generic equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive any marketing materials from DoseRx?
No! We will not be sending you any promotional materials via mail or email.
I have insurance, but some of these prescriptions are at a lower cost than my co-pay. Can I pay cash for the prescription or do I have to use my insurance?
Yes. The DoseRX member pharmacies will accept cash payment for your prescription purchase rather than run it through your insurance.

There are benefits for paying cash, especially for generics.

1. You can save as much as $30 per prescription on generic drugs, according to a recent analysis by Kaiser Health News.

2. In some cases, you can buy an entire year’s worth of your medication for much less than your co-pays — saving you time and transportation costs by eliminating the need to come into the pharmacy every month.

3. Paying cash allows you to use your HSA (Health Savings Account), Health Care FSA (HCFSA), and insurance deductible for more expensive medical costs.

4. For Medicare Part D patients, paying cash increases the time required to reach the ‘donut’ hole and reduces the impact on your finances moonrock canada.

Saving time and saving money – the DoseRx promise
Can I count on the pricing staying the same over time?
Yes. With drug pricing under intense scrutiny lately, pricing is not changing as much as in the past. Many have stayed at the same low cash price for over five years.
My current pharmacy already has a $4 or $10 generics program. Is this the same thing?

No. The number of prescriptions on $4 or $10 plans are shrinking, and medications come and go. The DoseRx network of independent pharmacies just offers you the fairest — and possibly the lowest — everyday prices for your prescriptions on medications that retain that pricing for years.

Here is an example.

There are some medications that a pharmacy might charge you $10 for a 90-day supply. The DoseRx network would charge $20 for the same 90-day prescription.

The second time you request that drug, the DoseRx network will charge you $20 for your 90-day supply, but the other pharmacies will charge you $98 for it.

We call this bait and switch.

Now, let’s exam a cardiac patient who takes five medications. One drug might be $10 for a 90-day supply, but for the rest, the patient might get overcharged.

Why do prescription prices vary so much from pharmacy to pharmacy?
Unfortunately, many pharmacies use a low-cost prescription as a way to entice patients into their pharmacy, knowing they will be making up for it with other prescriptions. Some prescription costs can vary by as much as $200 between pharmacies.

DoseRx member pharmacies do not use “bait and switch” or lost-leader tactics with our patients.

We promise to be transparent not only with our cash pricing but with our prescriptions covered by your insurance as well.

We feel that stores who overcharge insurance companies are acting in a dishonest way.
Can a DoseRx member pharmacy fill all of my prescriptions or just the cash scripts?
Yes. All DoseRx members can handle your cash prescriptions, as well as those better covered by your insurance because they are full-service, independent pharmacies.

All members accept all insurances and offer the same co-pay as the chain pharmacies.
I am presently buying a particular over-the-counter medication. Why would I want to get a prescription for the same medication?
Many times DoseRx members can fill a generic prescription for far less than the same medication on our over-the-counter shelf. Why spend more for the same medication?

For Example.

A bottle of generic Flonase would cost you $26 over-the-counter. But with a prescription and through our DoseRx members, you can get three (3) bottles for just $45!
The pharmacy I go to right now is close to my home. What if my new pharmacy is a further distance?
That’s not a problem. Many, if not all, of the DoseRx member pharmacies, deliver to your home or office. If you are outside of their delivery area, they will ship your prescription to your home for free.
I am already filling my prescriptions at a different pharmacy. How would I transfer to a DoseRx pharmacy?
The answer is simple. Your DoseRx member pharmacy will take care of that for you. The pharmacist will call your present pharmacy and request the transfer.

You don’t have to do anything to switch!


Sandra P.

It’s so easy to find the prescription I’m looking for and connect with the best local pharmacy for me.

Tyler M.
Naperville, IL

It’s so easy to find the prescription I’m looking for and connect with the best local pharmacy for me.

Sandra P.
Hampshire, IL.

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